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San Francisco demonstration against pending deportation of 13,000 Muslims - June 2003

”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



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Election 2004

"Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those
 who would be affected by it."
- Marian Anderson

Election 2004-F08

Since 9/11 Muslims and Arabs are apprehensive about the political involvement due to current administration's policies like patriot act, INS special registration of the males from twenty three Muslim countries( please visit our INS page for details) executive orders, Iraq war and increased hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims.

 In election 2000 over 700 hundred Muslims and Arabs ran for public offices and we made history by voting as a bloc. In 2002 less than 70 Muslims and Arabs ran for public offices. In 2004 fewer than 15 people are running for public offices.

 Consequently our work has become more difficult, we not only have to educate and involve Muslims to take part in politics we also have to help them overcome their fear of participating in politics. Increasing hate crimes does n't help subside the fear. According to CAIR ( one of the largest Muslim Organization) hate crimes have increased 0ver 121% since 9/11 against Muslims and Arabs.

 Under current political and racially intense climate it has become a challenge to involve Muslims and Arabs in the excitement of the election 2004. we receive mixed reaction from voters. Muslims and Arabs believe that their voices will not be heard therefore they really can't make a difference under current situation.

 We are accepting this despair as only a temporary set back. Muslims and Arabs have come a long way to achieve political gain in this country, a door of opportunity has been unlocked through exelent leadership, deep commitment and hard work, we are not about to shut that door and let years of hard work go to waste.

 We will not give up, we will continue to to inspire Muslims and Arabs voter to play an active role in the future of this country by becoming involved in the politics. We will make our voices heard. 

  We will continue our commitment to educate, involve, mobilize, empower and encourage Muslims and Arabs towards political arena.

 AMV's Election 2004 Plan

 We will continue to form real collaborations and friendships with all communities especially with all ethnic groups to educate, involve, mobilize, empower and encourage them to participate in politics. Our strength lies in numbers and unity. AMV will continue with its goal to bridge the gap between all communities.