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San Francisco demonstration against pending deportation of 13,000 Muslims - June 2003

”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



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AMV urges American Muslims
 to participate in the political process

The American Muslim Voice (AMV) has played an important role is motivating the American Muslim community to participate in the mainstream political process. To achieve this goal, the AMV launched campaign for voter registration of Muslims in a number of towns in the Silicon Valley and Northern California.

At the same time it educated the community about the political as well as social and economic  issues related to the community  as well as to the fellow Americans at large.

The AMV is supporting candidate forums. The AMV Executive Director, Samina Faheem Sundas, was speaker at many candidate forums and political education meetings.

During October 2003 election for the recall of CA Governor Gray Davis, the AMV issued election advisory for the community advising it about various propositions for voting in the elections.

In February, 2004, on the occasion of Eid Al Adha festival,  the AMV joined other Muslim groups in massive vote registration of Muslims. The AMV supporters were busy in voter registration at various Islamic Centers and Mosques in the Silicon Valley and a number of towns in Northern California.

This campaign continues with voter registrations at various Islamic Centers and Mosques where AMV volunteers are helping in filling registration forms. The AMV website also has an Election Kit providing guidance about the voter registration and electoral process.

The registration campaign comes at a time when more and more American Muslims are becoming politically active, said leaders from Muslim and Arab-American groups. Antiterrorism measures adopted since Sept. 11, like the registration and detention of thousands of Arab and Muslim men, have pushed civil liberties issues to the fore. The AMV believes that:

1: It is crucial that we reach out to our imams, Ulemas, and scholars, we need their involvement more than ever to encourage Muslims to play a key role in the main stream politics. (To put an end to the misconception that it is haram to take part in the politics. )

 2: Encourage MSA's to play an important role in the upcoming election.

 3: Voter registration within Muslim community and with all other ethnic groups.

 4: Multi group candidate forums to build collations with all ethnic groups. (Politicians make different sets of promises to different groups.)

 5: Educate, encourage, involve and mobilize yourself and everyone else.

 6: Work in a campaign. Muslims need to participate and be visible.

 7: How to vote. Invite voter registrar representatives to train people how to vote.

 8: Sign up to work on the election day. It will help to be part of the action.

 9: Open Muslim community centers and schools to be polling stations. It will encourage Muslims to vote since they are use to going to these places and will feel at home.

 10: Encourage community members to learn about important issues and form committees in each Masjid to find out more about their local candidates and send the information to AMV.

 11: Form committees to assist Muslim voter on the day of the election. It is not to early to start organizing for election day.

 Youth involvement is the key. Every Muslim needs to dedicate some time to mentor them.